Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Reebok DMX Run 10 are back! officially relaunches the Reebok DMX Run 10. These sneakers were originally introduced in 1997, the year where Nike launches the Air Max 97. And, if I remembered correctly, back in 1997, this DMX pair launches an edition for Nicholas Tse. Priced at 119.98 USD @, these classic sneakers seemed to be back in trend. I guess we'll just have to admit that those classic style late 90's sneakers are one of the best in sneakers design to date. We just saw Nike relaunches its AM1, AM90, AM95 & AM97 and now Reebok with DMX 10. Can we expect to see any insta pump fury this year?

I haven't visit any Reebok retails in Malaysia, I wonder these DMX are made available here. It will be nice to have them arrive here.

Rumours have it that the OG pair of white and silver mix is also in the 2013 release list. But it's not in the Reebok website for now. If it does release, the white pair should be a good bargain as with all white colored sneakers, they are easily matched to any attire. As for now, we'll just have to sit back and enjoy the 3 color ways that been officially made available.